Board members

                               International Longevity Alliance board members

Didier Coeurnelle (Belgium, Brussels). Co-chair of Heales (Healthy Life Extension Society), the largest non-profit organization in Continental Europe promoting and advocating scientific research into longevity and biogerontology.  Vice-president of the French association AFT-Technoprog, that aims to spread the themes and questions related to technologies that could extend and enhance the lives of individuals and of humankind. Author of the book "Et si on arrêtait de vieillir! Réalité, enjeux et perspectives d'une vie en bonne santé beaucoup plus longue" (french). Active member of environmental movements for more than 20 years. Key vision: communicating.


Maria Entraigues Abramson (USA California, Mountain View) is currently Global Outreach Coordinator for the SENS Research Foundation co-founded by Dr. Aubrey de Grey. Her main goal in life is to help radically extend human health-span using new biotechnologies and regenerative medicine, so that one day old age will not mean illness and decrepitude.

Maria is an Argentinian-American singer, actress, composer, journalist and pilot. She is also a science and technology communicator and one of the leading voices in the field of Longevity. She came to the US for the first time after being granted a full scholarship to study at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. She later moved to sunny Los Angeles where she’s been established for the past 23 years.

Maria is a radical-change believer and spends her multifaceted life working on facilitating disruptive change to help the world. You can find her giving a scientific talk, singing live for thousands of people, composing and acting for a Hollywood film, doing music journalism, or flying an airplane. She was the appointed Cultural Attache to the Consulate General of Argentina in Los Angeles (2009–2012).

She is a board member and part of the leadership of a few other organizations involved in the field of Longevity and Futurism, like the Coalition for Radical Life Extension, Lifeboat Foundation and the Transhumanist Party of California.

Maria also writes a monthly column, and does interviews, for Músico Pro by Music Makers Publications, which is the biggest music magazine in Spanish. In her music career, she’s been privileged to have toured the world as a singer, recording countless hours of professional studio sessions and composing and acting for movies and TV. Some of the people she’s worked with in the entertainment business are; George Duke, David Foster, Ricky Martin, Lalo Schifrin, Maurice Jarre, Luis Miguel, Jeff Rona, Eikichi Yazawa, Alejandro Lerner, Alejandro Fernandez, Woody Allen, Sharon Stone, David Schwimmer, Kiefer Sutherland, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Perry Ferrell, Alejandro Sanz, Jean Michel-Byron, Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Geraldine Chaplin, Brett Ratner, Alfonso Arau, Pepe Aguilar, Cecilia Noël, and Colin Hay, among many others. She is now doing her Tango show called “Tango Passion”, every month at a famous club in Los Angeles. Maria is happily married to Gary Abramson.

Edouard Debonneuil (France, Paris). Edouard has been a Founding Member of the International Longevity Alliance, and then served as an ILA Board Member on behalf of French NGO “Longevite&Sante”

Former epidemiology and  biology of aging researcher at UCLA,the Pasteur Institute and Inserm, then life actuary specialised in biometric risks. President of the French branch ("Longévité Santé"). Member of Heales (Healthy Life Extension Society), European NGO based in Brussels. Strong supporter of GRG and Longecity. Co-author of a book called "Longevity Risk". Key vision: mouse lifespan tests and human statistics to find out what prolongs life and health.

Edouard organized and worked as Head of R&D/Innovation in AXA Global Life, which provided grants to many researchers studying aging. 

Edouard prioritized mouse lifespan testing within ILA, and founded the Major Mouse Testing Program. As a result he helped to organize the first mouse studies in MMTP. (In 2015 Steve Hill assumed leadership of the MMTP and with his team successfully crowdfunded a large research project in collaboration with Dr.Alexandra Stolzing at Leipzig University).

Daria Khaltourina (Russia, Moscow), PhD. Daria has been a Founding Member and a Board Member of the International Longevity Alliance (as a Chair of the Board of the Russian Regional Russian NGO "Council for Public Health and Demography"). She specialized on working with governments and advocacy, but also coordinates activities 

She received Ph.D. in anthropology, and after a few years of academic career I gradually moved into the area of public health advocacy, including anti-liquor and anti-tobacco control in Russia and internationally. I am co-chair of the Russian Coalition for Tobacco Control and Russian Coalition of Alcohol Control.

She currently works at promoting regulation beneficial for biomedical R&D, especially in the area of curing and preventing pathologies of aging. Daria is currently a coordinator of "Healthy Longevity" segment of the Russian National Technological Initiative. She was a major driving force in promoting this initiative to ensure governmental funding for R&D in the area of longevity, which resulted in the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation.

She also works at promoting longevity research at the World Health Organization structures, including the changes to ICD11. The proposal developed her and a group of colleagues is under review at the WHO.

Paul Spiegel (USA). Aeon Biowares, Inc., Paul is a lawyer, an eclectic person whose knowledge covers most fields and who humor touches everyone. Paul is active in supporting technological changes for much longer and healthier lives, and brings his knowledge and expertise to the ILA. Key vision: c'est la vie!

Former board members
Anton Kulaga (Ukraine). Founder of H+Ukraine, core-developer of the open-source scientific research platform Denigma, initiator of the joint SENS Foundation and Kiev Institute of Gerontology (Ukraine) crowdfunding project "I am a little mouse", aimed to test several geroprotectors in mice. Specialist in programming, data visualization, semancit web, and networking. Key-vision: doing, learning-by-doing, teaching to the crowd, and crowd-sourcing.
Avinash K Singh (India). Founder and President of IFS (India Future Society), a non-profit organization in India promoting and advocating scientific research in future technology and longevity. Active researcher in the field of brain-machine interface. Key vision: there is always a way. 
Talapkali IZMUKHAMBETOV (Kazakhstan, Almaty). 

I was born in Russia, in 1943.

I have two diplomas: the medical doctor diploma from Astrachan State Medical University (1966), and lawyer diploma from Kazakh National University after Al-Farabi (1974). I have got also degree Candidate of Medical Sciences (1989).

I worked as the Minister of Health of Kazakhstan (1987-1990), Member of Parliament of Kazakhstan (1987-1993), Member of Legistrature Council of Almaty city (2000-2012). Nowadays, I work  as a Senior Lecturer at Kazakh National Medical University.

I have been the President of National Coalition “The smoke free Kazakhstan” for 13 years, Chair NGO “Committee of Public Health of Medeu district of Almaty (since 2015), which joined ILA as a federated member. This NGO has many branches around the district, we work with volunteer of healthy life extension as well as ordinary people.

I have got three sons, two grandchildren and the pug Ray.

Jaba TKEMALADZE (Georgia, Tbilisy). Jaba is a CEO at the Georgia Longevity Alliance, and a long term proponent of longevity. His credo is “Without life, we have nothing. We need eternal youth. And a immortality!”. Jaba is a biogerontologist, and he currently leads fundamental and clinical research on aging.


David Latapie (France). Longevity... and health! That is why biology of aging has all its sense. Organiser, technologist, transhumanist thinker, David was an active member of Technoprog! Aside, David also has a deep knowledge of legal aspects for organisations and funding. Key vision: think far to build now. Sadly, he died in 2017.



Adrian Correa (Colombia, Bogota). Adrian has been a Founding Member and a Board Member of the International Longevity Alliance. He has helped setup a robust IT platform and has been accompanying numerous projects for healthy life extension. Adrian is undertaking studies in philosophy and theology.

Liz Parrish (USA). Complex Biological Systems Alliance. CEO at BioViva USA, Inc.

Avi Roy (UK), PhD.  President of the Biogerontology Research Foundation (BGRF), a UK-based charity founded to support ageing research and address the challenges of a rapidly ageing population. Avi is an Oxford-based biomedical scientist and a Research Fellow at the Centre for Advancing Sustainable Medical Innovation (CASMI) at the University of Oxford, and at the Institute for Translational Medicine at the University of Buckingham (BITM). Lastly, Avi is a longstanding champion of the public dissemination of science, and has organised over 370 talks, chaired 8 conferences and hosted 28 Nobel Prize winners. Recently, Avi launched the Big Data Science in Medicine Conference series (the first of its kind in Europe) and the Longevity Reporter, which has rapidly become the premier source for news about health and longevity.


Daniel Wuttke (Germany), PhD.  Initiator of open-source scientific research platform Denigma. Specialist in biochemistry, biology, molecular medicine, genomics, programming and networking. Currently Daniel worked at the SENS Research Foundation in California. Key vision: deciphering aging using existing knowledge and the digital intelligence.


Boards prior to the creation of the ILA structure and 'extended board' members

In addition to some of the above board members, the following persons played key roles in having the ILA created and have strongly accompanied the board at different times.


Ilia Stambler (Israel, Rishon Letsion)

Leo Silvenoinen (Finland, Tempere)

Ilkka Vuorikuru (Finland, Helsinki)

Maria Konovalenko (Russia then USA, California)

Elena Milova (Russia, Moscow)

Steve Hill (England)

Miriam Leis (Germany, India, Japan...)

Martin O'Dea (Dublin, Ireland)

Thomas Hahn (Germany then USA, Arkansas)