1. Why donate to the ILA?

If you want to best financially contribute for long and healthy lives we believe that you are at the right place:

1.1. Fiscal advantages

After one year of investigation for the best financing structure, the ILA fund was registered as a not-for-profit "fonds de dotation" dedicated to research towards improving lives: a specific structure in France that allows worldwide optimal fiscal advantages for donations. As indicated when donating below, depending on the country you live in, instead of donating to ILA directly you can donate to an ILA branch to have tax deductions. Also regarding Paypal donations, Paypal has accepted to use apply fees for ILA donations. We are taking action to continuously increase such advantages in order to attract worldwide donations for life-saving research. Would you represent an official, not-for-profit structure from another country whose goal is aligned with the ILA, or would you like to suggest some other advantage and try to implement it, please contact us at

1.2 Use of funds

In order to maximally reduce bias in the use of the money, persons from the ILA board can not be paid directly or indirectly and the administration is very strict in that regards as well as in using the fund according to the goals of the ILA, the ILA board uses collegial voting mechanisms and the board has a replacement mechanism that avoids opportunistic newcomers. In order to keep track towards the fundamental goals of the ILA a Manifesto has been written that is designed to last. In order for this secure system to still represent the will of donators you are below requested to indicate what you would ideally like you money to be used for and we will attempt on this page to be particularly precise on how the funds are used so that a 'pressure of the crowd' aligns views and usage.

2. How to donate

2.1. General Case (if you are a USA or French citizens you might prefer other options in paragraphs below)

Standard payment to: 

or: Click here to donate directly
to the ILA fund via Paypal

(only 1.4% + 0.5€ of fee per donation) After you click, please specify on the left the amount and what you would ideally like the ILA to use it for (eg: MMTP=major mouse testing program, Advocacy=events & travelling and more) 

2.2. If you live in one of those countries:

You may choose to donate directly to the ILA fund (see 2.1. above) or via the ILA branch of your country in order to possibly benefit from country-specific advantages:

a) USA

If you are a US citizen, you may donate money here and have tax deductions according to the 501(c)(3) status of the American Longevity Alliance:

150 California Street
San Francisco, CA 94104
ABA #122016066
Account Name: American Longevity Alliance
Account #432929175‏

b) France

If you are a french citizen in addition to donating to the ILA directly (transfer to the account scanned above or payment by paypal with the above link) you should ask for a "reçu fiscal" to (or , the French branch of the ILA) in order to declare your donation at the end of the year and have a tax exemption of 66% of your donation (within limits above 5000€)

c) UK, India

Tax deductions should be available in a few months



You may specify if you would you like your donation to be used for a particular type of project:

  • Networking (travelling to conferences, meeting key representatives, writing to large institutions)

  • Research (e.g. rodent lifespan tests such as the Major Mouse Testing Program)

  • IT (computational science such as Denigma)

  • Promotion (spreading ideas to masses, lectures, citizen science)

  • Grantwriting,

  • and/or describe precisely what you would ideally like you money to be used for.


















* * *