Improving Health Policy Worldwide

The international and local legislation may influence the rate of fundamental and translational research in the domain of aging and longevity. But the international and local agenda can not change fast unless longevity activists help filling the gap of knowledge on the potential of longevity therapies at all levels, from general public to decision makers. This is why it is important to initiate and support public discussion of new laws related to improve health during the life course and in old age, and regulation policy for new therapies and drugs. 

Here are some examples of how longevity activists can help in building rational local policy for aging and longevity.



ILA welcomes World Health Organization turn towards research on ageing

ILA position with respect to WHO’s Global Strategy and Action Plan on Ageing and Health

European Union

European Union Policy on Ageing Research


Israel - Law Proposal for the Establishment of the National Advisory Committee for the Promotion of Longevity and Quality of Life for the Elderly Population


Russian Longevity Alliance promotes research as a part of Strategy On Actions For Benefit Of The Elderly agenda


Ukraine - Proposal for the National Longevity ProgramSouth Korea - The law proposal for the support of scientific and technological research of aging


Support Biomedical Research on Aging!